Sunday, October 26, 2008

summer's here! and it's time for snowflakes!

i am very pleeeeeased to introduce you my new range of snowflakes!
each snowflake is handcut (yes, almost gave me RSI after the tenth one...).

range: 2 way necklace (single/double snowflake), large asymmetrical earrings, small symmetrical earrings (2 patterns)

they currently come in two patterns, but will have a few more designs to work on.

pattern 1 & pattern 2:

necklace is made to be worn in 2 different ways, one as "y" style (see the picture at top) and the other as snowflakes on the side.

large asymmetrical earrings:

1 comment:

jcstothers said...

aaahhhh, these look amazing! Even though I saw you cut some of them, it's still amazing to think that these intricate pieces are all hand-cut..